Werq it! – Casual Gatherings

Note: This service was a winner of Take Action 2013, and received support and funding from Oogachaga Counselling and Support

Want to get to know more LGBTQ people and allies, and meet people who’re just like (and yet different from) you?

We’ve got just the thing! Werq it! is our programme of casual gatherings, each with a different theme. Some past themes of our dinners have been “Allies” (for gay and straight people to get to know one another), “Gather” (for gay men and women to interact), “Board Games” (self-explanatory!) and “Diwali with the Kumars’” (a Deepavali buffet hosted by an Indian family for gay international students and people of other races).

2016 Sessions:

30 January 2016 (Students Edition)
13 February 2016 (Valentines Edition)
12 March 2016 (International Edition) ***Click here to register***

2015 Sessions:

31 January 2015 (Trans* it! Edition)
07 March 2015 (Ladies Edition)
23 May 2015 (Gentlemen Edition)
13 June 2015 (Picnic Edition)
11 July 2015, Saturday (Students Edition)
06 September 2015, Saturday (Trans* it! Edition)
07 November 2015, Saturday (Women’s Edition)
20 December 2015 (Holiday Board Games Edition)

“I really enjoyed myself. This is my first time ever meeting other LGBT people in Singapore in a non-bar/club setting. Looking forward to more meetups in the weeks to come!” – Vince, aged 24, Werq it! participant.