The Purple Alliance engages actively with the media to speak out on issues that affect the LGBTQ community as well as broader issues of human rights. This page contains our press releases, statements and media engagements. Please direct all enquiries here.

03 Dec 2015: El cantante Adam Lambert topa con el conservadurismo antigay en Singapur (El Día, Spain)

30 June 2015: Singapore’s Pink Dot – A Safe Space for the LGBTQ Community (Not In Our Town)

30 April 2015: Psychosocial support for LGBT youth from a few groups (Today)

30 Oct 2014: Decision on Section 377A ‘not acceptable’: LGBT Groups (Channel NewsAsia)

29 Aug 2013: 9 holes and “Akka” (Poached Magazine)

30 Jun 2013: A bigger pink dot on the little red dot (Breakfast Network)

29 Jun 2013: Singapur: donde ser gay tiene peores consecuencias que ser lesbiana (20minitos Mexico, Spain & USA)

10 Apr 2013: The Purple Alliance’s response to the dismissal of Section 377A challenge

13 Feb 2013: Korean War sparked Song Sang-Hyun’s interest in international justice (Columbia Spectator)

29 Jan 2013: Singapore PM criticised for defending anti-gay sex law (Fridae)

02 Jan 2013: Response to Straits Times article (.pdf)

16 Dec 2012: SlutWalk 2012 (Today Online)

01 Dec 2012: The Purple Alliance’s Statement on World AIDS Day (.pdf)

30 Nov 2012: “Singapore couple challenge law on gay sex” (picked up by the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, Huffington Post, Miami Herald, etc.)

02 Nov 2012: Take Action skills building workshop (YouTube)