The Purple Alliance was proud to support The Road to Love, a playback theatre session for LGBTQ individuals by students from Singapore Polytechnic’s Applied Drama and Psychology programme. After some activities to determine each individual’s view on love, the  audience was invited to share personal stories, which were then performed, on-the-spot, by student actors. The result? A cathartic, meaningful, powerful experience. There were tears (some of the memories were very intense), there was laughter and there was camaraderie. We would also like to thank MOVE Community and Oogachaga Counselling and Support for being so ready to help, and the students for coming up with something so amazing.

Pictured here are the organisers and some of the event’s 25-or-so participants:

We are enormously proud of the job well done (kudos to the Singapore Polytechnic team). Remember, if you need assistance with a LGBTQ-themed project or programme, we are here for you. Together, we will make things happen.